Charles I. Carmona

On Location around the World with Charles Carmona

On location in Madagascar

Expeditions to Thailand

Mr. Carmona's expertise as a gemstone and jewelry appraiser is enhanced by his years of travel to global sites that produce diamonds and gemstones. This distinguishes him from his peers and has provided him with a leading edge in assessing value of the broadest possible spectrum of gemstones and diamonds harvested worldwide.

  1. Travel in and out of remote mine sites near Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand require creative travelling—in this case by elephant.

  2. At the gem market in Chantaburi Thailand, Mr. Carmona inspects rough gemstones for sale.

  3. Looking for gems

  4. With other dealers present, Mr. Carmona looks for the best specimens of each gem type in the local Chantaburi Thailand market.

  5. Near Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, Mr. Carmona accesses hard to get to sites via 'local' transportation.


Gemstone Weight Estimation

Gemstone Weight Estimation Handbook

This thoroughly comprehensive manual does the difficult task of estimating carat weights of mounted gemstones, calculated by their dimensions and shape, with over 300 pages of tables listed, and gemstone type.

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